NC challengers softball

Regional Teams


NC Challengers supports teams from 10U up to the 18U. Regional level teams play a schedule that focuses on skill development while maintaining the lessons of beiging a life long competitor and part of a team. Softball skill development is a big focus on our regional teams and practices are a primary focus. Localized play is a key component, and travel is kept to a minimum. At the younger levels, our teams are generally just starting their travel ball careers, and we are hoping for a successful journey as members of NC Challengers up until they graduate from our 18U teams.

10u TURPYN (‘13), Head Coach: Kelly Turpyn

10u GALLIGAN (‘13), Head Coach: MIKE GALLIGAN

12u Chatham (‘12), HEAD COACH: KINSEY BRADY

12u DELOATCH (‘12), Head Coach: BRyan DeLoatch

14u MacKinnon (‘10), Head Coach: Steve MacKinnon

14u Black (‘10), Head Coach: TYLER WATKINS

16U Triad (‘08), Head Coach: Mike Babula

16u MacKinnon (‘08), Head Coach: Steve MacKinnon