NC challengers softball


2024-2025 TRYOUTS

Want to be a member of one of our teams for the upcoming 2024-2025 season? Our organization continues to grow at the Premier, Elite and Regional levels. Come be a part of one of the longest running fastpitch programs in the Carolinas. Tryouts begin in late July through mid-August for all teams with openings (from 10U through 18U Premier).

Please direct any questions to NC Challengers director, Adam Renzi,, 919-816-7425.

Summer Tryouts

Summer tryouts are held in early-to-mid August each year. Teams are re-formed at the conclusion of national championship play (late July) in preparation for the Fall season. At this time, summer tryouts have concluded. Please check the Open Positions section on our front page for potential openings.

Fall/Winter Tryouts

Fall and winter tryouts happen on an as-needed basis for each of our teams. If you are interested in a particular team in our organization, the best way to inquire about openings in the Fall and winter is to contact the coach of that team directly, or to fill out the registration form above.


When are annual tryouts held? Teams are re-formed during the first two weeks of August each year. Some younger age groups get a jump on tryout season and offer individual tryouts prior to this date. All tryout dates are always shown on this page for all teams.

How many players are kept on a team's roster? This is up to the individual coach. Younger teams (10U, 12U, etc) will tend to carry smaller rosters since the focus is skill development. As you start to reach older age groups, roster sizes tend to increase both due to specialized skill sets and because players have busier schedules that cause them to miss events.

What is the difference between Premier, Elite, and Regional level teams? Our organization prides itself on having teams at several different levels of play so that we can accept many different skill sets and goal sets of athletes from across the Southeast. Each of these levels is defined as follows:

Premier: Top level athletes that aspire to play against the best competition and are willing to travel within the Southeast and across the United States to achieve this goal. They desire to play collegiately, and are willing to improve their skill set through high level competitive play against other national teams cross the country.

Elite: High level athletes that aspire to play against good competition and are willing to travel within the Southeastern US to achieve this goal. They desire to play collegiately and are willing to improve their skill set through solid showcase competition and competitive play against like level teams from across the Southeastern US.

Regional: Athletes that enjoy softball and want to play competitively. They have not chosen whether or not they will play collegiately or not. Teams that play a regional schedule tend to play closer to home with an emphasis on skill development and evaluating the overall cost of their team to ensure a competitive experience at a reasonable price. Each of these teams limits the number of hotel stays over the course of a season.